How Often Should a Fuel Injector be Cleaned?

If you're like most car owners, you're probably not sure exactly how often your vehicle's fuel injector needs to be cleaned. This article will help you out by exploring the various factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to determine the frequency with which your car's fuel injector should be cleaned.

How Old is Your Vehicle?

Most newer cars require less frequent fuel injector cleanings than older vehicles. The reason for this is that newer cars tend to get considerably better gas mileage than most older vehicles, thus their fuel is burned at a much slower rate.

What Kind of Gas Does Your Vehicle Use?

One of the determinate factors in how often your injector should be cleaned is the type of gas you use in your car. Despite rising fuel costs, high octane gasoline possesses the ability to lengthen the lives of your engine and fuel injector.

What Does Your Owner's Manual Recommend?

Perhaps the best rule of thumb for determining the frequency of your fuel injector cleanings is to simply consult your vehicle's owner's manual. The most common recommendation made by auto manufacturers is to have the injector cleaned once every 15,000 miles, which roughly translates to twice a year. The second most common recommendation is to have the injector cleaned every 30,000 miles, which roughly translates to once a year.