How Often Should a Radiator Water Pump be Replaced

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A radiator water pump is a key component of a vehicle which helps to keep it cool over long-distance trips. A water pump has to be replaced from time to time in the same way as many other parts of a car. It is very simple to work out when your radiator water pump should be replaced.

Timing Belt

The majority of cars have a timing belt which drives the water pump to supply coolant. The two parts of the car are effectively linked. You should always have the water pump replaced when you change the timing belt. If you do not replace the water pump at the same time as the timing belt, failure of an old pump could ruin the new belt.


You must get the radiator water pump replaced as soon as you notice any signs of damage. If you ignore this the water pump could fail in the middle of a long journey. This will leave you with an extremely hot engine and possibly much greater damage, which will cost more to sort out. Tiny cracks in a water pump are easy to repair but any substantial damage will mean you must have it replaced.