How Often Should a Salt Water Pool Filter Be Washed?

Maintaining a salt water pool or a salt water pool filter is not entirely different from maintaining a fresh water pool. Though there can be major differences in how the pools function, maintenance requires taking care of similar problems that may arise over time. A salt water pool usually requires cleaning of the chlorine generator which tends to get accumulated with minerals. Unlike the chlorine generator which requires very frequent cleaning for smooth functioning, the pool filter requires maintenance every few weeks. The importance of cleaning the pool filter is still high though and knowing when to wash the pool filter can mean everything. Not washing the filter on time can result in a burned pool water pump.


Firstly, keeping an eye on the leaf basket behind the static skimmer is of high importance. The leaf basket and the hair filter that is lined directly against the water pump can get accumulated with particles very quickly over time. By basic observation, you can determine when the filter needs cleaning here. 

Pressure Gauge

The most accurate and effective way to check whether your filter needs cleaning is to check the pressure gauge. If the pressure on the gauge is high, it indicates that there is excessive back pressure. Back pressure is caused when the pool filter is not clean. This should be a clear sign to know that your pool water filter needs immediate cleaning. Make sure that when you backwash the filter, you can use the waste residue from the salt water pool for fertilizing your garden. This depends however on whether the salt in your pool is Sodium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride, the latter being good for the garden.