How Often Should a Support be Added When Installing Gutters?

If you are installing gutters along the outside of your home, you may be unsure as to how often to install the supports which hold up your half-pipes. When you are installing gutters by yourself, it is easy to forget that they will need to have enough support to hold up a lot of rainwater. If you don't add enough support, you could find that the gutters come loose after a heavy rain storm and you will have to fix it quickly to avoid damage.

Adding Supports when Installing Gutters

The most common kinds of gutter support are either brackets or spikes. What support you choose will decide what you need to do with the spacing between the supports. The bracket system hangs the gutters from the roof, and you need to include many more brackets than the spike system needs. Brackets will need to be fitted around 36 inches (or 3 feet apart) in order to fully support the weight of your gutter, although it is better to fit them every 30 inches if you live in a wet area. Spikes should be fitted around 45 inches apart, although you can fit them more closely if you choose.