How Often Should Car Carpet Shampoo Be Used?

A car carpet shampoo can be used while you clean and wash the interior of your car. In order to maintain your car’s interior freshness, you will need to use carpet shampoo often, but you should also avoid overdoing this, as a high frequency of car carpet washing can damage the carpets.

Factors Affecting the Frequency of Shampoo Use

The frequency of washing your carpets and using shampoo will depend on several factors such as:

  • The weather; if it’s dry, the shampooing will be needed less often than when it’s wet outside
  • Whether you have children (increased risk of spilled liquids or dropped food in the car)
  • Whether you have pets, that also travel in the car
  • How often you use your car

How Often Should Car Carpet Shampoo Be Used

The car carpet shampoo can be used once per month, if there is rain, mud or snow outside. However, you need to know that a more frequent washing of carpets will reduce their lifespan.

If the weather is dry, you can shampoo the carpets less frequently (i.e. once every 3 or 6 months). Between the times you use shampoo on the carpets, you can use a stiff brush to remove dirt that may accumulate in time. Regular brushing of carpets should keep the carpets clean for longer.