How Often Should Clutch Fluid be Changed?

Many cars with a manual transmission, use clutch fluid to lubricate the clutch system and help make gear changes smoother and reduce friction. If your vehicle uses clutch fluid to lubricate the clutch assembly, you should occasionally change the clutch fluid to avoid problems caused by dirty or contaminated fluid.

Changing Your Car's Clutch Fluid

Check the clutch fluid level of your vehicle frequently, and should change the fluid at least once or twice a year. An ideal time to check the clutch level fluid is when checking other oil levels, such those used in your car's brakes or transmission.

Location of Your Car's Clutch Fluid Reservoir

In most vehicles, the clutch fluid reservoir will be located in the rear of your car's engine and will be situated close to the brake fluid reservoir. If you are not able to find the reservoir, look in your car owner's manual for a diagram or picture that should show the location. When checking the level of clutch fluid in the reservoir, make sure that the engine is completely cool and that the vehicle is switched off. Fluid in the reservoir can be extremely hot and can cause serious burns.

Choosing the Correct Type of Clutch Fluid

Generally speaking, there is not a fluid that is made exclusively for use in the clutch reservoir; rather, most vehicles use common brake or transmission fluid for the purpose of lubricating the clutch assembly. While both types of fluids are used in most cars, they are not interchangeable. So, refer to your car owner's manual to see which type is used in your car.