How Often Should I Change My Bed Pillow? How Often Should I Change My Bed Pillow?

Even though you may wash the pillowcase often, a time will come when you should replace your bed pillow entirely. This may be due to allergies or comfort.


For allergy sufferers, replacing a pillow regularly can be as important as washing the pillowcase or vacuuming the carpet weekly. Pillows collect body oils and skin flakes over time, even when covered by a pillow case. These accumulations form a treat for dust mites, a common allergen.

Experts usually recommend replacing a pillow every 1 to 3 years under those conditions, though the addition of a pillow cover under the pillowcase can double that timeline.


If you don't have allergy concerns, simply consider whether your pillow still provides good support. A lumpy, flattened pillow is rarely comfortable and can easily be replaced.

There are a few tests to identify a pillow's condition before it reaches such a sorry state. Try testing how well your pillow fluffs. Fold the pillow in half or into thirds, hold it for a few seconds, then release and see if it recovers quickly. If not, start shopping for a new pillow.

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