How Often Should I Change My Pillow Cases?

Pillowcases are a haven for oil, dander and dirt.  These attributes can add up to a difficult nights sleep, especially for people suffering from allergies.  As you sleep at night, your hair and pores in your face release oils that rub against the fabric of the pillowcase.  Hair also releases whatever chemicals that are found in your styling products that haven't been washed out prior to sleep.  As you go back to sleep night after night, not only do you add fresh oils and pollutants to your pillowcase, but you also rub these things back into the pores of your skin. 

Regulalrly Change Your Pillow Cases

Allergy doctors and dermatologists recommend that you will get a better nights sleep if you regularly change your pillowcase.  Of course, some are more extreme than others saying you should consider changing it nightly if you have persistent allergies that keep you awake or if you have severe acne and are looking for a more beautiful complexion. Others suggest that changing pillowcases every other night is sufficient.  However, for those who are not suffering from these ailments, this may be a tall order to keep up with. Ultimately changing your pillowcase every three to four nights may be sufficient.