How Often Should You Change a Shower Curtain?

The best length of time between new shower curtains depends on 2 factors, which are the material and how you care for it.

Cloth Curtains

Cloth curtains have an elegance and durability that other materials lack. Unfortunately, they absorb water rather than repel it. Closing the curtain between showers allows it to dry, avoiding the growth of mold, bacteria and fungus.

Wash your cloth curtain monthly in hot water with bleach to kill any mold and to remove stains. With care, your curtain should last a year or more. Replace your curtain when it looks worn or when washing no longer removes stains.

Plastic Curtains

Plastic, vinyl, and other synthetic materials make excellent water repelling shower curtains. Water beads on the inner surface, so hang these curtains closed between showers to get them to dry. Otherwise, water collects in the folds and provides a home for mold, bacteria, and fungus.

Rub the curtain with a mild detergent either weekly or monthly. Doing so will remove mildew buildup. With care, the curtain will last a year or more. Replace your curtain when it looks dingy or when you want to brighten up your bathroom with a new look.