How Often Should You Perform a Termite Inspection?

A close up of termites on wood
  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200

The right time to perform a termite inspection varies between most homeowners. Termites can attack the wood in your home if left untreated. Many pest control companies offer free termite inspection for their customers. Having one of these done every two or three years can keep most homeowners up to date on their termite status, which in turn could increase the safety of their home and provide them with a peace of mind.

What type of homeowner should receive a termite inspection more often?

Individuals that live in high termite areas should either perform a termite inspection or hire a professional to complete a termite inspection at least once a year. Having an annual inspection can protect you from housing termites that fly from their colony in search of a new home to make their place of residence.

Individuals that live in these types of areas should take extra precautions to control the effects of possibly housing termites. Waiting too long to perform a termite inspection can allow termites to penetrate your housing surface and cause it to become unstable. Most homeowners do not recognize the effects of termites until the damage is done.