How Organic Soil Affects Parsley Yields

Organic soil has been researched and shown to improve parsley yields on a consistent basis.  This means that by adding organic matter to different parsley fields it will increase soil fertility and yield a larger crop.

Identify The Soil Type

By identifying the type of soil your parsley is growing in, you can better educate yourself as to what organic matter can better the soil and the overall yield.  Clay soil will benefit from organic soil by helping to break up and aerate the thick soil.  The humus that is found in organic compost is ideal to create a more fruitful clay soil.  Sandy soils benefit from the boost of nutrients, added depth and soil texture.

By supplementing parsley soils with organic matter you will greatly increase your parsley crop. Some studies have shown that parsley grown in organic soil in comparison to non organic soil had larger yields by up to two inches per plant.

Different Kinds Of Organic Soils

There are many different ways that organic soil can be mixed:

You can make it from compost in your own yard; this soil is very rich in different nutrients due to the varying products that go into it.  

You can mix manure into soil as well.  There are different types of manure that can be used and each has a different chemical makeup.  Each different organic soil will have bearing on how a crop produces.  It is still important to do soil testing to ensure that your soil is healthy for growing.

With so many choices in organic soil mixtures available on the market, there will be one that is compatible with your parsley crop.