How Paint Color Can Transform Your Home's Design How Paint Color Can Transform Your Home's Design

Inside or outside your home, paint color can transform your home's design and give it a unique signature. Paint color can reflect a mood, a feeling, a look or create a particular period of time.

A home's space and design can be transformed through color. Color can open up space and make it more bright and airy. Or color can change a space to make it seem more intimate or cozy. You can use colors on all the walls, just some or you can highlight a particular piece of furniture or a piece of art or sculpture through accent color. You can use bright colors to energize a room or use serene colors such as pastels to provide a calming area for sleep or meditation. You can use natural colors such as earthtones, beiges, browns, taupes, greens to create a natural environment or sea greens, blues and yellows to create a serene environment.

On the outside you may want to have your home make a statement by using bright colors you see in some ethnic neighborhoods. You may want to transform your home to look like a period piece by highlighting certain details with color: trims, dormers, porches, balconies or to create a "gingerbread" look. Or you may want your home to say something about you, the homeowner and use color in a unique way that makes your home stand out. However you choose to use color in designing your home, it is your choice.

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