How Pop Rivets Work

Pop rivets represent separate pieces of metal with mandrels or long pins at both rivet ends. They are typically used to connect thin plastic or metal pieces and are especially useful if you can access the hole from one side only.

In order to use a pop rivet, you have to drill a hole that measures the rivet’s diameter in both pieces where you plant to rivet. You need to equip yourself with pliers or a rivet gun in order to set the rivet.

How to Set the Rivet

Start by aligning the holes of the pieces you plan to join. Proceed by inserting the rivet’s long pin into the tool and into the end of the rivet through the holes. Join the handles of the tool. When you squeeze them, the pin will go into the rivet. The body of the rivet will start expanding and flaring on the join’s underside. Exert pressure at the point where the rivet head meets the pin. When the pin finally breaks, you will have a join with no protruding metal pieces.