How to a Place Driveway Motion Detector How to a Place Driveway Motion Detector

A driveway motion detector is one of several safety measures that can be used to help keep your home safe from intruders. These devices can create several different warnings to alert you to the presence of movement on your property. To ensure that the detector is effective, you must follow a few necessary steps to ensure that it is installed in the correct position.


There are several different types of driveway motion detectors on the market which can alert you in different ways. Decide how you want to be warned of movement on your property, such as by a floodlight or by an alarm. Different varieties will make use of different types of sensor, which should be chosen in accordance with the area where you will install it to ensure it is appropriate. You will also need to decide whether a wireless system will suit your needs or whether you need to connect it to the property’s power supply.    


It is necessary to take a range of aspects into account when deciding on the location in which to install the sensor of the driveway motion detector. First, it is important to install it in a position where it will be of the most benefit. Ensure that it does not cover any area where there are high levels of traffic, as the detector will go off all the time. Find a position that is sufficiently high to avoid it being affected by adverse weather and where it will have the greatest scope. However, you must also be sure that there are no gutters or trim overhanging it. The surface that it will be fitted to must be stable and, if there is none suitable, a pole must be installed. If you are using a detector that sets of a flood light, make sure that it is not in a location where it could disturb the sleep of children in the house.     


Check the instructions of the driveway motion detector to determine whether it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. This will enable you to calibrate the system to set it at a level where it reads a certain level of movement, for example, cars and people but not small animals and birds. Set it appropriate to your location.


Make sure you use a secure ladder to access the location where you intend to install the driveway motion detector. Mark the area with chalk or a pen so that you can create a guide for drilling the points where the fasteners will go. Ensure that the sensor is tightly screwed into place and angled correctly so that it will be of the most benefit. Follow this by testing it with movement, making sure that it reads everything that it is supposed to throughout the entire scope. Be aware of any blind corners where it can stop being effective. If necessary, make any adjustments to the sensor to ensure it works as you desire.

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