How to Add a Door to a Corner Storage Shelf Part 2 How to Add a Door to a Corner Storage Shelf Part 2

What You'll Need
Corner storage shelf
Drill or screwdriver
Spirit Level

In the second part of this guide to adding a door to your corner storage shelf, you will learn how to fit the door onto the shelf. You should already have the hinges placed in the correct position, and you will later nail this shelf to the edges of the door. When you begin part 2, your door frame should already have been filed and made flat, ready to fit against the shelving, and you should also have marked on the door where the hinges should go by measuring them against the corner storage shelf.

Step 1 - Fix the Hinges into Place

Now that you have marked on the door where the hinges should go, it is time to screw them into place. You will need to make the hinges as level as you possibly can, so have your assistant hold up the door while you screw the hinges in. You leveled out the bottom of your door in Part 1, and this will give you a level base on which to measure the hinges.

Screw the hinges into the areas marked by your previous measurements, either by screwing the hinges into place or by drilling holes and pushing the screws into the previously made holes.

Step 2 - Lift up the Door

You should then be ready to move your door up toward the side of the corner shelf. Have your assistant hold the door firmly against the sides of the shelf, and use your spirit level to ensure that it is completely flat.

Open up the hinges, and press them against the shelf. Check that the door is level again, and then drill holes through the hinges. Remove the drill and take the door down. You can then make sure that the holes are evenly placed.

Step 3 - Screw the Door in

Once you are sure that the door and hinges are perfectly aligned, pick it up again and place against the side of the door. Make it as level as it was before, and then place a screw in each of the holes you previously drilled. Use your drill or a screwdriver to tighten them into position until the door is fully supported by the shelf.

Step 4 - Finishing

Once you have screwed the door into place, then you can begin to smooth down the edges. Add plenty of oil to the hinges, and make sure that the door opens and closes fully before you consider yourself finished. If you wish, you may also add a layer of caulk around the edges of the hinge, as this can prevent damage caused by repeated use.

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