How to Add a Faux Bois Finish to Existing Cabinets

What You'll Need
Screw drivers
Mix pan
Glazing Medium
Tape measure
Straight edge
Foam roller
Base coat - warm yellow
Dark brown or red tint
Mixing bowl

It is an easy project to add faux bois to a cabinet that you already have in your home. This will give it an amazing finished look without a ton of extra work or costs. If you have never done this type of project before, here are a few tools that you will need, along with some steps that can help guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Remove Cabinets

While you can work on cabinets that you already have in your home, you are going to want to remove them so that you don't run into problems getting the paint or finish all over your walls and the rest of the area. To remove the cabinets, use a screwdriver and take off each screw. You are going to want to tape the screws on to the back of the cabinets or put a piece of tape on each cabinet and mark them so that you know which one goes back where. Then, make sure that you clean the cabinets to ensure that the faux bois can go on easily and the design looks great.

Step 2 - Begin to Glaze

Use a roller to add a coat of warm yellow base coat to each of the cabinets. By the time you get to the last cabinet you can go back through and begin painting a second coat on each one. Once you are finished allow each of them to dry completely. Mix a glaze with the dark brown or red color that you choose for your design. You can do this with a strirrer in a large mixing bowl. Many times if you mix several colors it will look much better, like mixing together the brown red and maybe a deep yellow. But the color scheme will depend on the look that you are going for. Then on each one of the cabinets, you can use the brush to paint on the mixture. Then use the bristle brush to go through and brush the cabinets one by one to give them that textured look and feel. Make sure that you are using the same strokes that will match the direction of the grain of wood on the cabinet. Once you are completely finished with the painting, you will want to let the cabinets dry over night. Now that it has dried, you can use a regular paint brush to paint the top coat on. Again, you will want to let it sit completely and dry. Many people prefer to use another coat to protect the surface and keep it from aging.

Step 3 - Secure Cabinets

Allow them to dry completely before moving on. Now that you are finished you can begin putting the cabinets back on. Remember where you removed each one and replace them using a screwdriver.