How to Add a Faux Finish to Your Garage Door

What You'll Need
Tinted Primer
Paint of your choice
Sponge rollers
Rubber gloves
Disposable Buckets
Masking Tape

A faux finish is an excellent way of adding to the aesthetic outlook of your home. Not only do these types of finishes create an excellent rendition of wood but also save you a lot of money. Since the process is not difficult - requiring on your part patience and some elbow grease – it is highly practical. To learn how to make possible this inexpensive alternative to buying a wooden door, read the article below.

Step 1 – Take Appropriate Precautions

Remember to keep your gloves on as you work to avoid a possible allergic reaction from the chemicals in the paint. Layer the floor with rags and newspaper so that the paint doesn’t stain the floor and ask someone to help you in mixing the paint for the color of your choice. Use the disposable buckets, easily available from the market, to mix and store your paint. Dispose off these containers afterward and never use them around the house because paint contains chemicals that can be lethal. You might also need to use a ladder to reach the upper quarters of the door, in which case, make sure that that it is deployed on a flat surface. Use painter’s tape or masking tape to cover connecting walls and corners. This protects certain surfaces from being painted by accident.

Step 2 – Applying the Tinted Primer

A tinted primer is ordinary white primer mixed with a small amount of paint of the same color that is to be used for the undercoat and grain. This lessens the number of final coats needed to bring out the proper color of the gate. While some stores mix the paint and primer for you, others do not. In case the latter is true, you can easily mix both together. After you have mixed the two components, use sponge rollers to apply the primer to the door. If the door is old, you will need to sand it before applying primer to obtain a proper finish.

Step 3 – Applying the Base Coat

Choose a shade that goes with the theme of your home and helps to mimic the texture of wood. Generally different shades of brown are used to create this effect. As done before, pour the paint into a disposable bucket and use rollers to apply a uniform coat on to the gate. Make sure that the primer is dry before applying the base coat. This adds to the overall finish and color of the door.

Step 4 – Creating a Faux Finish

In another bucket, add glaze and paint to make a mixture of a color of your choice and lightly dip a rag in it. This colored mixture will be used to create a faux finish on the door. Fill another bucket with clean water, and dampen a rag. Now comes the tricky part, with one rag in each hand, choose an area on the door to work on. Incorporating a gentle horizontal motion of the hand, rub the rag dipped in the glaze-paint mixture. After this, use the damp rag to lightly wipe off the mixture. This produces a light texture on the garage door that as a whole acts a faux finish. Repeat all over the door and leave to dry.