How to Add a Finish to Teak Dining Furniture How to Add a Finish to Teak Dining Furniture

What You'll Need
Wood Glaze or Finisher
Dry Cloth
Wood Filler
Wood Stain

You can add a finish to teak dining furniture in the same way that you add a finish to any type of wood dining furniture. Adding a finish helps to protect the wood from scratches and other minor damage that can occur and helps it to last longer. In order to add finish to your teak pieces, here are the steps, tools and materials involved in making this possible.

Step 1: Purchase Materials for Glazing

At a home improvement center, purchase a wood glaze or finisher for teak wood, a paintbrush and heavy and light grit sandpaper. These materials are needed to add the finish to your teak dining furniture.

Step 2: Prepare the Teak Surfaces

Remove any and all items on top of the teak furniture. Use a dry cloth to wipe the teak dining table and teak dining chairs in order to remove all dust and debris that may have accumulated. This will give you a clean surface to apply the wood glaze to the wood. 

Repair any damaged surface on the furniture that may appear using a heavy grit sandpaper first, followed by wood filler and using stain to match the damage to the original teak wood stain. Perform this task for the teak dining table and each of the teak dining chairs. Inspect all of the surfaces carefully and make the necessary repairs for moving on to the next step.  

Step 3: Apply Glaze

Use a paintbrush to apply the glaze to the teak. Use even strokes when applying the glaze in order to avoid uneven brush strokes. Be sure to cover all surfaces of the teak dining table including the top, sides, legs and underside.

Move to the individual teak dining furniture chairs and using the paint brush apply glaze to the seat, back and legs. Use even strokes as you did when you applied glaze to the teak dining table. Finish all of the chairs with the glaze and allow them to dry before moving to the final step in the process.  

Step 4: Sand the Teak and Reapply Glaze

Take a light grit sandpaper and gently sand the table. This will remove any uneven application of the glaze and make the finish appear smooth. Do not apply a lot of pressure when sanding the teak dining table otherwise you will cause gouges in the wood that will need to be repaired. Be sure to sand the entire table completely. Take a dry cloth and wipe the debris created by the sanding.

Perform this task for the individual teak dining chairs. After sanding the chairs and wiping them down, inspect the finish and reapply any touch-up glaze that may be needed.

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