How to Add a Garage Door Remote to a Garage Door Opener

What You'll Need
Wire Stripper
Step Ladder
Insulated Staples
Wall Anchor

It is easy to add a garage door remote to the garage door opener kit you already have. The garage door will work miracles once installed, but you can't forget its remote control. Follow the simple steps below to tackle this project.

Step 1 - Check Your Garage Door Kit

Make sure that your garage door kit includes all the right pieces, especially if this is your first time purchasing one. Call the store immediately if you are missing a part. The remote control can be found in a bag apart from the installation materials-it is a small device and easy to spot. Also make sure that you have the receiver.

Step 2 - Install The Door Remote

This step entails setting up the receiver so that it can communicate with the garage door opener. Make a hole in the wall and attach the receiver with a wall anchor five feet above the floor for security purposes and child safety. Now, connect one end of the wires to the receiver terminal and the other end to the motor for the opener. Check your manual to find the right terminal as each model has its own set-up. Don’t forget to use wire strippers to secure the wires in the wall and the ceiling.

The remote control should now work fine. To avoid this entire step, you could purchase a wireless device, although it would be more costly.

Step 3 - Troubleshoot Communication Issues

If everything is installed properly but your remote is not communicating with the garage door opener, check if it needs a battery replacement. Do not leave unused batteries in the control for an extended period of time as they will rust. You can also try taking off the screws, opening it and cleaning it with tissue to remove dust, which can sometimes obstruct the button movement.

If none of these strategies work, request a replacement remote from the manufacturer; it's also OK to purchase a remote elsewhere, but make sure it's compatible with the model of your garage door opener. Don't worry as there will always be replacements available.

Step 3 - Set Security Measures

You've installed a garage door remote for a garage door opener, but what happens if you lose the remote or need time to replace it? It's worthwhile to have a backup security method. If your garage door opener comes with an outdoor keypad, set a security code by following the instructions in your manual. This way, you'll never have to worry about dangerous intruders.