How to Add a Gravel Path to Your Yard How to Add a Gravel Path to Your Yard

Adding a gravel path to your yard provides your guests with an obvious walkway on which they may explore your yard without destroying your plants. This article will teach you how to add a gravel path to your property from start to finish.

Plan the Route

Before you purchase gravel and prepare to work on constructing the path, it is essential that you plan out the route. There are two ways to productively plan out the path of your gravel walkway.

The first method involves sketching your yard on a piece of lined or graph paper and then drawing the course of the path on the piece of paper. It is best if you can sketch a model that is to scale so you can determine how wide and how long the gravel path will be.

The second method is executed by manually marking off the course of the future path in your yard. Use garden stakes and string to visually indicate the route of the gravel path. You may also use brightly colored spray paint to denote the course of the path.


Step One

Remove any plants, grass or weeds that lay in the way of the future path. You should use a tape measure to confirm that you are removing a consistently wide area of land along the path.

This process takes time, patience, and care because if it is executed in an improper manner then the path will quickly loose its shape. You may use a gardening hoe to guarantee that the sides of your path are completely vertical.

Step Two

After the route of the path has been completely cleared of all plant life, cover the exposed dirt with a layer of landscaping cloth. This cloth will prevent your path from sinking into the earth and eroding from the bottom. It may be a good idea to apply two layers of landscaping cloth especially if your land is not level or marshy in character.

Step Three

The final step in installing a gravel path in your yard is to spread the gravel in the skeleton of the path. You will need a hefty amount of gravel especially if your path is particularly long or wide.

It is advisable to use a large truck to haul and distribute the gravel. Use the smooth side of a gardening rake to ensure level and equal distribution of the gravel along the path.

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