How to Add a Leaf Spring to a Truck

One of the most successful, easiest and cost effective ways to increase the height of your truck’s rear as well as increase its load capacity is to add a leaf spring to your vehicle. Two types of leaf springs namely long and short are available which can be added to the existing leaf springs in your truck and should ideally raise the height by an entire inch or two along with improving their capacity to lift load significantly.

Adding a leaf spring to a truck is a moderately easy task and using the tools and materials mentioned, as per the steps explained, you can go about your project with little difficulty or problems.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Jack
  • Jack Stand
  • ½ Inch Ratchet
  • Socket Set
  • Pry Bar
  • Add-a-Leaf Kit

Step 1: Set the Jack in place

Position the jack beneath the differential of the back axle and elevate your truck off the ground. Don’t forget to place the jack stands right below the axle and the frame such that both are supported appropriately (once not on the ground). Therefore, see to it that you lay the jack beneath the differential and lower the frame as well as the axle on the jack stands. Assure that it is tightly locked before you proceed.

Step 2: Remove the Rear Wheels

Proceed by removing the rear wheels with the help of a ½ inch ratchet along with a socket set so that they don’t block your work area. However, this is just for your convenience and therefore, is an optional step. Using the same tools, loosen the nuts (usually four in number) that maintain the u-bolts on each particular side secure against the axle. See to it that you don’t take them out and off completely so as to not allow the tension to be released from the attached leaf springs.

Step 3: Loosen the Straps and the Bolt

Look for the straps attached to the either edges of the leaf spring and once found, loosen them using a pry bar. See to it that you do not damage or distort them as you shall be putting them to use again. Also remove the bolt found towards the center of the spring and loosen it up. This should enable your spring pack to come apart which should allow you to insert your desired extra leaf spring.

Step 4: Add the New Leaf Spring

Position the newly-added leaf spring in the old or previous leaf spring pack in the same arch or curve as the original ones were. Usually, add-a-leaf kits are placed either at the base or middle of the spring pack that can be decided by the type of model that you are using, which can be easily determined by the instruction manual of your kit. Put the bolt greater in length (which came along with the kit) throughout the newly-added leaf spring and tighten as well as reinstall the clamp according to the factory settings.

Step 5: Tighten the U-Bolts

Once the addition of the leaf spring has been made, jack up the axle until the jack stands can be easily removed. Look for the hole found towards the center of the axle pad on the bolt of the leaf spring. Secure the u-bolts into place (as per the old configurations) and tighten them up after which you can lower the truck to the ground and remove the jack stand.