How to Add a Lock on Your Gun Cabinet

What You'll Need
Your gun cabinet
A cabinet door lock consisting of two mountable brackets and a flexible latch to connect them.
Two to Four quarter inch screws
A screwdriver
A pencil
A padlock

If you have a gun cabinet, it is of the utmost importance that you keep it securely locked. It’s better to install a lock than to risk either a child or an intruder getting to your gun cabinet before you do. This easy-to-follow guide will show you exactly how to install a lock on your gun storage cabinet in an attempt to better protect you and your family.

Step 1- Mounting the Lock

Hold your brackets and latch in the desired position. Make sure it lines up well by pretending to close it like you're locking it. Once you have everything lined up properly, use your pencil to trace the area around the mounting brackets. You must also make sure ti put pencil markings where the screw holes are to make sure everything is flush. After tracing, it is wise to once again pretend you are closing and locking the cabinet to make sure everything is still level according to your stencil.

Step 2- Drilling the Pilot Holes

The next step all depends on the kind of brackets you bought. Some have two holes while others have four. With your screws and screw driver, start drilling the holes where your pencil marks specify. This is just to create pilot holes so as to make the screws easier to screw in once you actually have the brackets mounted on your gun vault. You do not need to drill the holes all the way, just about half way, just enough to make it easier to start with the bracket in place. Once your pilot holes are in, you may unscrew and remove the screws.

Step 3- Installing the Brackets

Hold the brackets up to your gun cabinet so that they line up perfectly with the pencil sketches you made earlier. Using your pilot holes, put in your screws and screw them to the point where your pilot holes end. Now you should tighten each screw a bit at a time, alternating screws so as to not mess up the position of the lock. Now that your screws are in and your brackets and latch are mounted, double check to make sure the gun cabinet will open, close and latch before moving on. If not, take it off and adjust it until it does fit.

Step 4- Locking Your Gun Cabinet

The final step in the process is to add your padlock so that your gun cabinet is safe and locked. To do this, close your gun cabinet and latch your newly installed latch over the bracket on the other door of the gun cabinet. Slide the padlock in place through the loop the latch is over. Close your padlock and you have a locked gun cabinet.