How to Add a Lock to Your Bedroom Nightstand

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What You'll Need
Drilling machine
Safety glasses

Adding a lock to your bedroom nightstand is the perfect way to keep little valuables or personal belongings safe. Most nightstands do not have any locking mechanism, so it is up to the homeowner to install a lock. While it may seem hard, adding a lock is a simple task that you can do yourself and save money instead of hiring a professional. With a few tools in hand, you can make your nightstand safer by adding a lock yourself.

Step 1 - Purchase Lock and Necessary Hardware

Purchase an exterior lock that you have to install on the surface of the nightstand from your local hardware store. These locks are comprised of two pieces that combine to form a secure locking device. These are available in steel, brass, metal and other materials in different shapes, sizes and colors, so make sure the one you buy compliments the nightstand.

Step 2 - Select Suitable Position

Hold the lock against the drawer to decide the best place to install it. Keep in mind that the main piece is attached to the drawer, while the smaller bolt is installed on the frame. Hold the lock in several places until you find the most desirable position. It is up to you to place it horizontally or vertically, as long as the drawer of the nightstand can be locked.

Step 3 - Mark Screw Holes

silver key in a lock

Once you select the ideal position for the lock, hold the main piece against the wood firmly and mark the location of the screw holes with a pencil or washable marker. Once completed, align the bolt with it and mark the location of its screw holes as well.

Step 4 - Attach Main Lock to Drawer

Use a drilling machine with a bit that is smaller than the diameter of the woodscrews. Make sure you wear your earplugs and protective eyeglasses. Drill starter holes into the drawer over the marked location for screws. Place the main piece against the wood over the holes and attach it by turning a screw securely with a screwdriver. Repeat this procedure with all the screws, until your main lock is firmly in place.

Step 5 - Attach Bolt to Frame

antique key in lock

Place the bolt against the wood frame and drill holes over the marked location for screws. Keep it placed there while you insert screws into the holes and turn them tightly with a screwdriver.

Insert the key in the lock to test it.

Step 6 - Install a Mortise Lock

An alternative to an exterior lock is a mortise lock, which is installed into the wood while its counterpart, the strike plate, is installed inside the drawer.

Select the best location for the lock on the drawer, and mark the location for screws with a pencil or washable marker. A mortise lock is installed entirely in the wood, so you need to use a hammer and chisel to chip and remove wood from the center of the drawer. Align the strike plate and remove wood from the drawer to install it. Secure both the lock and strike plate into place with a screwdriver and galvanized screws.