How to Add a Mirror Backing to a China Cabinet

What You'll Need
Self adhesive mirror panels to install
Glass cutter
Tape measure
Safety glasses
Thick gloves
Surface cleaner
Glass cleaner
Lint-free rag

A china cabinet is a beautiful way to display your special glassware and dinnerware. They are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you have found the perfect china cabinet for your needs then your entire home's look can transform into classical appearance. Even if you get the perfect china cabinet you may find that it is lacking in a couple of qualities that will make it just the right one for your needs and wishes. Mirrors are a wonderful improvement to a china cabinet, allowing light to reflect through your precious heirlooms and brighten up the way your guests see your treasures. You can install your own mirrors into the back wall of your china cabinet with a few materials and tools.

Step 1 - Prepare the Surface

Remove all your items from the shelves in the china cabinet. Remove the shelves. Using a non-wax surface cleaner, spray on the area you will be installing the mirrors. Be sure that you remove any dust, or lint that could be on it to ensure a proper contact of the adhesive from the mirrors. After you thoroughly clean the surface and you are confident there is nothing left to hinder the adhesion, then rinse out the sponge and use clear water to rinse off any residuals from the cleaner. This may take two or more swipes of the surface to ensure that all the cleaner is rinsed off. Let dry completely. Measure the area you will install the mirrors.

Step 2 - Prepare the Mirror Panels

After you know the surface area you will be covering with the mirror panels, draw out the design plans on graph paper to scale. This way you will know how many mirror panels you will need and how many you will have to cut. Put any cut mirror panels in less conspicuous locations, for example the edges of the mirror area, or in an attractive pattern that enhances the appearance of the mirrored panels. Wearing safety items, cut the mirror panels you will need to cut and lay out the pattern of mirror panels on a table and re-measure the layout to ensure a proper fit in the china cabinet.

Step 3 - Install the Mirror Panels

Put on your gloves and safety glasses. One panel at a time, remove the backing 1/4 of the way and set the panel in it's new location in the cabinet. press firmly to attach the adhesive to the surface. Gently pull the paper backing off while pressing it to the backing. Repeat this process in rows until you have installed each of the mirror panels. As you attach each additional mirror panel be sure to firmly butt it up against the panels already attached to provide a good fit and a beautiful finish.

Step 4 - Finishing

Once all the mirror panels are installed use the glass cleaner and lint free cloth to clean any fingerprints or dust from the mirror panels. Replace the shelves into the china cabinet and re-display your keepsakes.