How to Add a Reading Lamp to a Bookcase Headboard

Many people enjoy reading at night before sleeping and a bookcase headboard is usually a shelf for favorite literature works. While a bookcase headboard makes it easy to access the reading material, most people have one common complaint: having to get up and switch off the lights at the other end of the room, or worse still, a partner sleeping next to them getting disturbed. The answer to both dilemmas lies in obtaining a nighttime reading lamp and attaching it to the bookcase headboard. A reading lamp clamped onto the headboard is an ideal way to save power and energy while also getting a chance to enjoy some nighttime reading without disturbing the person sleeping next to you. The best bet for a nighttime lamp that can be attached to a bookcase headboard would be a standard clamp lamp. One can buy a standard clamp lamp or a terrarium clamp lamp and add it to the headboard at home.  

Materials Needed for Adding a Regular Clamp Lamp

  • Clamp lamp
  • Clamp clip
  • Screw
  • Screw driver

Step 1: Deciding the Location

The clamp lamp will have to be added onto a spot on the bookcase headboard that is clear of all other items. There should be enough room to fix the clamp lamp without cluttering the headboard. One should also leave space for the clasp that holds the lamp into place. The clasp will be fitted into the side of the headboard hence the location of the lamp should be picked such that there is enough surface area on the edge to clasp the lamp into place. Cleaning up the area is also necessary to avoid any sparks or electrical fires.

Step 2: Putting in the Light Bulb

Once the lamp has been placed onto the bookcase headboard the next step is to fix in the light bulb. Most reading lamps use a light bulb of 40 watts. These simply have to be inserted into the lamp frame and rotated into position. The light bulb needs to be fitted into the metal holster or sheathing. This can easily be done by hand by just turning the bulb into place. It is important to make sure that the bulb is snugly fit otherwise it will not receive the electric current and light up.

Step 3: Fixing the Clasp

Headboard lamps usually have a "v" shaped clamp clip that is used to fix them into place on the end of the headboard. Some clamps can simply be pressed down or pushed tightly to snap into place. Other clamps need to be screwed into place. Using a screwdriver and an appropriately sized screw tighten the clamp into place to ensure that the lamp does not slide.

Step 4: Using the Lamp

The last step is to take the electrical chord from the lamp and plug it into place in a nearby socket or power outlet. Once the lamp is plugged in, simply turn it on to start reading.