How to Add a Rubber Seal to Copper Water Pipers How to Add a Rubber Seal to Copper Water Pipers

What You'll Need
Rubber seal
Pipe Clamp

If you have a leak in your copper water pipes, then one way of fixing them is to reinstall them using a rubber seal. While this is not the best way of fixing a leak, which will always be a soldering iron, you can quickly seal over a leaking set of copper water pipes using the rubber seal.

Step 1 - Turn off the Water

Your first step will be to turn off the water supply to your house while you fix your copper water pipes. Turn the valve using your wrench to insure that it is properly pushed over to the "Off" side. You should make a note of the precise location of the leak before you turn off the water.

Step 2 - Repair the Leak

Take the rubber seal, and fit it to the pipe clamp. You should be able to get a clamp which is close to the size of your own copper water pipes. Push the rubber seal over the leak, and then tighten up the clamp over the seal. You should take care not to tighten the clamp excessively, as this will break the pipe. Once the pipe has been sealed, you can then turn the water back on.

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