How to Add a Thermometer to a Barbecue Grill

What You'll Need
Barbecue grill thermometer
Wrenches or a pair of pliers
Nuts and bolts
Working gloves

Ideal barbecue grill thermometers should be able to provide extremely accurate readings. They are commonly made from heavy duty stainless steel and can be installed by drilling a hole and then mounted using a nut and washer. It can be installed at the rear of a barbecue grill.

Step 1 – Assemble all the Equipment

Buy a barbecue grill thermometer from a hardware store. Obtain tools from a rental if you don't own them. Before working on the grill, turn it off and make sure it is cool to avoid burning or scalding.

Step 2 – Drill Hole

Use a drill to make a hole. The smoker lid is an ideal place to mount the thermometer. The hole should be big enough to allow the threaded section of the thermometer to go through. Place it 3 to 4 inches above the grate and 3 to 6 inches from the end of a rectangular grill.

Step 3 – Fix the Thermometer

Insert the threaded part of the thermometer in the hole. It comes with a bolt and nut, fix them in position and fasten them using a wrench or pair of pliers. Do not fix the nut too tightly as it might damage the thermometer.