How to Add a Window to Your Home

windows in a house
  • 8-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-400
What You'll Need
Chop saw
Reciprocating saw
Stud finder

Once you have decided that you are ready to add a window to your home you may find that it can be very overwhelming. Adding a window to an existing structure can be a difficult task if the necessary preparation is not taken. Placing a window in your home can help to warm up a room with the sunlight or cool down a room by allowing fresh air in. This article will focus on adding a window to a structure with a vinyl siding exterior. As with any home improvement project, consult a professional if needed and take necessary safety precautions.

Step 1 – Plan

First pick location where new window will be placed. This location should be clear of any water pipes and electrical wiring. Also the window should be place between the studs in the wall. Used the stud finder to locate the studs and place the window accordingly. If the placement of the window interferes with the operation of utilities and can't be placed elsewhere, call a professional before starting the project.

Step 2 – Prepare

Remove the vinyl siding in the area where the window will be placed. Do not damage the siding while removing, it will be reinstalled after the window is in place. On the exterior, mark where the window will placed using the dimensions provided by the window manufacturer.

Step 3 – Framework

You will need to make a rectangle frame that has a double header. There will need to be a pair of 2X6s that are lying down flat at the top. They should be wide enough to allow the window while keeping the clearance of the manufacturer’s guidelines. The joints will need to be connected with wood glue and three inch screws.

Step 4 – Installation

The window will need to be cut with the reciprocating saw. The opening will not need to be any larger than the frame. The crown as well as the baseboard will need to be taken off before the window can be put in. Cut the sheetrock for your window as well.

Step 5 – Install the Frame

You will need to get your frame put into the wall screwed into the studs. With the window inside the opening, get a screw put into one of the top corners. In order to get the window level, apply shims. A few more screws will need to be added so that you can test out the window. From there, you can make as many adjustments as necessary and continue adding screws until the window is completely secured. From there you will simply need to replace your sheetrock and patch up the walls. Replace the siding around window.After you have added the trim, apply weather strip and caulk, this will help to keep the outside elements outside.