How to Add a Wireless Bridge

Adding a wireless bridge is an easy task even if you’re not very knowledgeable with computers. The bridge is used to bind 2 or more connections together in order to allow them to use the same resources, such as a printer or the Internet. Follow these steps to add a wireless bridge to your network connections.

Step 1: Administrator Rights

To make any changes to the way your network operates, you will need your user rights to be set to administrator. If your user group is not in the administrator, you will not be able to make these changes. You will be prompted for an administrator password if your user is not in that list.

Step 2: Accessing the Network Connections

Start from your computer desktop. Open up the Start menu and click on Control Panel. Click on Network and Internet, followed by Network and Sharing Center. Your screen will show you your current connections that are connected to the Internet.

Step 3: Bridge Existing Connections

On the left side of the screen, in a smaller menu, click on ‘Change adapter settings.’ You will now have a list of all your active connections. Holding down CTRL, click on all the simple or wireless connections that you want to bridge. Now, right click and from the options choose ‘Bridge connections.’ Your connections should now work together and share any resources.

Step 4: Finishing Up

If your connections share resources such as an Internet connection or a printer, make sure to check all bridged computers for access. A bridge between an Internet connection and a network connection will give that network an accessible link to your Internet connection by anyone in that wireless bridge network.