How to Add Adjustable Shelving to Wood Bookshelves How to Add Adjustable Shelving to Wood Bookshelves

With adjustable shelving, wood bookshelves are capable of displaying books of any size. The number of shelves can be reduced to make room for bigger books or vice versa. By drilling a series of properly-placed holes into the inside vertical sections of your wood bookshelves and using adjustable shelf pins, shelves are easily adjusted and just as strong as if the the shelves were permanently affixed. 

Adjustable Shelf Pins

Adjustable shelf pins, clips or pegs, however they are known, are small, cylindrical brass inserts that fit halfway into pre-drilled holes on the inside of a bookshelf. The exposed half of the pins are flat on one side to provide a level surface for an adjustable bookshelf. With 2 per side for each book shelf, together they provide more than enough support for a solid wood bookshelf along with numerous books. 

Pre-Drill for the Pins

To make the holes for the pins, you must drill holes in 2 vertical columns on the inside of the vertical sections of your bookshelf. Each hole in the column must be completely level with its counterpart in the column next to it. Each of these pairs must have enough space in between them to provide for a noticeable difference when you adjust the shelves. Likewise, the 2 columns of holes on the opposite side must correspond in height, width and spacing to the first side in order for the shelves to lay flat when installed. 

Once the system is in place, it is a simple matter of removing the books and the wood shelf and changing the position of the 4 pins to adjust its level. 

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