How to Add Chemicals to Neutralize Water in an RV Holding Tank How to Add Chemicals to Neutralize Water in an RV Holding Tank

What You'll Need
Aqua chemicals
Pump washer
Soda Water

If you want to ensure that your RV holding tank doesn't smell, particularly in hot weather, then you may want to add some chemicals to the water. There are several chemicals that you can use to make sure that your RV holding tank is as neutralized as possible, and how you install them will depend upon the different types that you use.

Step 1 - Adding Formaldehyde

If you just want to stop the problem, then you can use a number of strong chemicals to prevent your RV holding tank from becoming toxic. You should add these to the top of the tank, and allow them to settle. If you are using these types of chemicals, you must be careful not to mix bleach, vinegar or other very strong chemicals with those in the septic tank, as this can produce chlorine gas and other noxious substances that could poison you.

Step 2 - Adding Pond Chemicals

A better solution is to ensure that you clean out your tank thoroughly using some soda water and a pump washer, and then add aqua chemicals. These are used to clean out fish tanks, and allow healthy bacteria to breed while reducing the odors.

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