How to Add Decorative Molding to Plain Baseboard Molding How to Add Decorative Molding to Plain Baseboard Molding

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Extension cord
Hand saw
Paint or Stain
Paint brush
Nail gun

Baseboard molding constitutes as an extremely important part of any house remodel project. It is a significant architectural component that can easily add a great deal of sophistication and elegance to the interior of a room. Essentially, such baseboards are used to cover up the place where the flooring coincides with the walls. If such baseboards are not present, a small space would remain between the walls. Decorative molding can easily be added onto plain baseboard and there exist several different choices for moldings. However, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors before choosing what kind of mold shall be chosen.With a few basic tools, and a few hours of your time, mold can easily be added to a plain baseboard yourself. Follow the steps below to add decorative mold to a plain baseboard.

For your own safety and protection, it is essential that you keep the following items on hand:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye goggles
  • Knee pads

Step 1 – Take off Old Trim and Measure New Mold

Before proceeding with the next steps, do ensure that you put on all the protective gear as the next few steps can prove to be slightly risky. Now, take off your old decorative mold, and cut out the new trim based on the previous one’s measurements. If the old trim comes is in pieces by the time it comes off, then simply measure the wall with a tape measure where the new mold shall be placed. Keep in mind the fact that mold pieces must be cut at 45 degree angles when performing this step.

Step 2 – Use Hand Saw to cut Mold

Now that the mold has been properly measured, it is now time for it to be cut. Use a hand saw to chop up the mold and cut it into pieces. Make sure you use a fine saw for this purpose.

Step 3 – Paint New Mold

The next step is to paint the new mold with a chosen color. Of course, such a color should be chosen which is in sync with the interior of the house. Spread out a newspaper below the mold, and using a paintbrush start painting all over the new mold. Give sufficient time for the paint to dry off before moving onto the next step.

Step 4 – Install Mold on Baseboard

Finally, the last step is to add the mold onto the baseboard. Hold up the new mold against the baseboard, and use a nail gun to insert nails into it. If a nail gun is not available, then simply make use of a hammer to perform this task. However, do ensure the nails are properly embedded inside the mold so that it does not come loose from the baseboards. By now, your new mold shall have properly adhered to the baseboard, and will provide your room with a newer and fresher look. Make sure you clean up and put away any extra nails to avoid an accident

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