How to Add Decorative Tiers to a Ceiling How to Add Decorative Tiers to a Ceiling

What You'll Need
Step ladder
Screwdrivers (head and slotted)
Nut driver
Hex nuts
Play bar
Wire stripper
Fixture braces
Insulation tapes
Wrench (adjustable)

A decorative ceiling can be added to a room to give an elegant look. To enhance a ceiling and make it look nice, you have to use decorative tiers also known as decorative chandeliers, pendants or lighting fixtures. These come in a wide variety of styles such as two-tier, three-tier, four-tier or multi-tiered. You can add these decorative tiers to ceilings as follows.

Step 1 - Turn off the Electrical Power

To begin, you must check to see if the lights are on or off. If they are on, switch them off. This is a safety measure.

Step 2 - Take out Ceiling Board/Canopy

  • Remove the screws and take out the board to reach the outlet box for the ceiling
  • Carefully take out the connectors to the wiring
  • Use an electric tester to see if the electrical power is in the off position.

Step 3 - Remove the Ceiling Electrical Box

  • Take out the screws from the brackets that hold the power box in its place
  • When the power box is attached to the ceiling rafters with nails, you should use a ply-bar to remove the power box
  • Remove the box and carefully take out the wires

Step 4 - Fix the Fixture

  • Adjust the fixture brace and make it short by twisting the 5-sided bar
  • Put the fixture in place inside the hole and make sure it’s firmly fixed on the ceiling

Step 5 - Connect the Cable

  • Take a slotted screwdriver and pry one knock-out plug from the edges of the outlet box
  • If there is no cable connector, fix a non-metallic connector onto the knock-out hole on the power box
  • Pass the feed cable via the connectors
  • Secure the cable into place by tightening the screws on the cable sheath.

Step 6 - Replace the Electrical Power Box

  • Put the U-bolt on top of the fixture brace
  • Push the flange support into the ends of the threaded bolts
  • Fix the nuts tightly on both sides of the U-bolt
  • Put the power box back inside the ceiling
  • Fix the power box to U-bolt using hexagonal nuts and firmly tighten them

Step 7 - Adjust the Fixture-Mounting Bar

  • Take the fixture and remove the shades. Change the length of the fixtures braces by using short wires or taking out chain links
  • Pull the nipple into the mounting bar
  • Push the wires into the nipple
  • Fix the fixture-mounting bar to the power box

Step 8 - Connect the Wires

  • Put the ground wire for the cable around the screw and firmly tighten it
  • Take the end of the fixture ground wire and attach it to cable ground wire
  • Join the ends of the cable and chandelier wires.

Step 9 - Cover the Wires

  • Conceal the wires by tucking them inside the power box
  • Push the ceiling board back into place and make sure no wire is sticking out
  • Put the glass shades and light bulbs back onto the fixture
  • Switch on the power to see if the installation is working


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