How to Add Flair to Your Dining Table Runners How to Add Flair to Your Dining Table Runners

A dining table runner can add a formal flair to any table setting. Dining table runners are particularly popular for holidays such as Thanksgiving dinners. They add a decorative touch to a buffet setting for Christmas. They can embellish the look of a white tablecloth or bring out the shades of a brightly colored tablecloth.

Ribbons and Lace

Ribbons, particularly for holidays, can perk up a dull set of table runners. Pin a red ribbon around the edges of each runner to decorate for Christmas. Place a bow on each end to finish.

For most colors used at weddings, table runners can be enhanced by sewing white lace around the edges of each runner. Use white ribbon for bows on the corners.

Other Enhancements

For parties, fringe can liven up the setting on the table. To create fringe, sew tassels to the ends of the dining table runner.

For children’s parties that have themes, choose an animal theme and create a dining table runner from animal print. Add faux fur at the ends for extra fluff. A clown theme might include brightly colored runners with big buttons sewn on them.

For formal dinner parties, dining table runners made of satin can create a very classy dining table setting. A white tablecloth, along with white and gold-trimmed china completes the look.

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