How to Add Glass to an All Wood Door Transom How to Add Glass to an All Wood Door Transom

What You'll Need
Glass Transom
Silicone Caulk
Tape Measure

You can easily add glass to an all wood door transom by simply removing the wood and replacing it with glass. This type of do-it-yourself project involves taking out the old wood, having a piece of glass cut and placing it in the spot that the wood was removed. In order to do this project you need a few tools and materials, a ladder and to follow the steps outlined below.

Removing the wood from a door transom and replacing it with glass will bring more light into your home and into the entry way. And because the transom is the spot located above the door, it is not likely that you will have any security concerns over putting glass in place of the wood transom.

Step 1: Take Out Wood Transom

First, you will need to remove the existing wood door transom. Place a ladder by the door, and use a key hole saw to cut out the wood transom. You will need to work carefully to remove all of the wood and clear the opening necessary for the installation of the glass transom.  If necessary, use a piece of sandpaper or sander to clean up any of the area where the transom was in order to make the opening clean for the glass installation.

Step 2: Measure the Transom Opening

With the wood transom removed you will need to measure the area in order to have a piece of glass cut to fit in the spot. Measure the length and width of the opening, and create a paper template that can be taken to a glass cutter. Make sure that the dimensions for the glass transom are precise before having the glass cut since the cutting will be a custom job with very little application if the size is incorrect.

Step 3: Have Glass Cut for Transom

Take the precise measurements for the transom to a glass cutter and order the replacement piece. Pick up some silicone caulk and clips to hold the glass in place once you complete the installation. Try to have the glass cut the same day that you cut out the wood transom; if necessary, take the measurements for the glass transom the day before and order the glass prior to the removal of the wood transom.

Step 4: Install the Glass Transom

With the glass cut, have an assistant help you place the glass into the place. Hold the glass carefully in place, and attach clips as fasteners on both sides of the opening (inside and out). Space the clips appropriately to keep the glass from falling out. Apply a bead of silicone caulk on both sides of the opening to complete the installation process.

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