How to Add Gutters to a Carport Roof

What You'll Need
As many lengths of guttering with a little extra that you need. It is sold in 4 by 10 foot sections.
Measuring tape
Flash sealant
1 or 2 downspouts and inserts
Several packs of gutter hook screws
Gutter hooks
Sheet metal shears
Ends caps
Corner pieces
Metal flashing strips
Chalk line

You have a carport that you want to add gutters to the roof. In as few as steps as possible we are going to walk you through the entire process so you will have a good understanding about what you will need to do the job. You are going to need to know how much guttering to buy. And although their are several different types of guttering we are just going to use plain galvanized for this project.  You may want to choose vinyl or some other type.

Step 1 - Figure the Dimensions of the the Gutter Run

Prior to making any purchases, measure the length of the area you are going to put the gutter around. Figure out how many down spouts you are going to want and how long they will be. Write down all the parts and measurements you are going to need before leaving for the hardware store.

 Step 2 - Finding the Angle and Chalking

Your gutter run for this project should be less than 35 feet. Unless you have a larger carport. At this length you will figure the highest point is going to be at one end. You will need to run this down 1/4 inch per every 10 feet of gutter you put up. Find the highest point of the fascia (the board when the gutter is attached to), 1 inch down from the top start your run. Have someone hold that end of the gutter, you hold the other while you hold it at the correct angle. Then snap a chalk line to follow when you install the gutter.

Step 3 - Installing the Downspout Outlet

Using the screws, attach your downspout outlets even with the chalk line and attached at the end of the house where you want your downspout at. Make sure you have attached them firmly and then go on to the next step.

Step 4 - Hang the Hangers

You should attach hangers to the fascia every 24 inches with the screws. Make sure you leave room at the end of the hangers for the installation of the end caps. Also make sure that you follow the chalk line.

Step 5 - Cutting the Gutters

Using the tin snips, carefully cut the gutter to fit between the downspout outlet and the end of your roof. Put the end cap over the end and put that section into the outlet for the downspout. Then hook your gutter onto the hanger. Gutter sections will start at the middle of the downspout outlet. Make sure you follow the chalk lines.

Step 6 - Putting it Together

You need to put the system together on the ground. Using the special connectors you have bought, match them up and snap them together. You are going to hang them on the hangers. Get someone to help you support the system while you hang.

Step 7 - Installing the Drain Pipes

The last step in your installation will be for your downspouts. You will want to cut a piece of drainpipe so that it will connect in between the elbow joint on the outlet and wall. Put the elbows on the pipe, the put it on the outlet. Then with a hanger, make sure to get the other elbow secured to the wall. Cut one other piece of drainpipe. This one will be going between the wall elbow and hang down to about a foot above the ground. Snap this piece onto the wall and then attach an elbow on the bottom to drain away from the house (elbow out).