How to Add Lining to Bamboo Roman Shades

A window with roman shades.
What You'll Need
Measuring tape and yardstick
Seam binding loop tape
Cotton/polyester blackout fabric lining
Steam iron and ironing board
Sewing machine
Needle, pinsand thread

While bamboo roman shades add a delicate airiness to your room's decor, sometimes you will need to screen out more light from the room. Follow these directions to inexpensively and easily add a lining to the shades yourself.

Step 1 - Remove the Bamboo Shades and Detach the Lifting Components

As the lining must go under the lifting strings, you will need to remove them. Cut the lifting cords carefully at the bottom loop of each lifting string column, in order to reattach them later. Mark them for left, center, and right so you reinstall them correctly. Remove every loop for the lifting strings that are attached to the back of the shade. You will not reuse these, but will attach new loops preattached to seam binding.

Step 2 - Measure the Dimensions of the Back of the Shade

Get the exact dimensions of the back of the shade to determine your lining's finished size, from the base to the top row of loops. Add 2 inches all the way around to make sewn hems.

Step 3 - Cut and Sew Your Lining

Cut the blackout fabric to the desired size, and fold down and press the raw edges by 1 inch all the way around. Cut the corners on the diagonal, and fold and iron down the second inch for the finished hems. Sew the hems on the sewing machine, first the verticals, then the hems across the width. Press the hemmed edges out as smoothly and flat as possible.

Step 4 - Sew the Seam Binding Loop Tapes to the Lining

Lay out the lining on a large flat surface, either a large dining room table or a clean space on the floor. Measure a column the length of the lining, 2 inches inward on each side from the lining edge, and center a third column between them. Draw full-length guidelines on with a pencil and yardstick. Pin the seam binding loop tapes to the lining's right side (hemmed edges down) and sew them on using the sewing machine. Be sure they go as straight as possible up the lining.

Step 5 - Attach the Lining

By hand, tack the lining to the binding strings of the bamboo roman shade, from the top down following the seam binding strands, and then across the width at the loop lines from top to bottom. Make these stitches snug but not tight, so the lining can remain flexible. Stitch down each corner on its vertical and horizontal edge firmly, to keep the lining concealed behind the shade front.

Step 6 - Restring the Loops and Rehang the Shade

Detach the string acorns, and fasten the lifting strings into the bottom loops of each column. Pass each string through all its loops up to the top of the shade. Insert the strings through the headrail loops and out to the pull side. Reattach and knot off the string acorns. Test the newly lined shade for proper folding, lifting, and lowering.