How to Add More Garage Lighting

What You'll Need
Temperature resistant light bulbs with corresponding kits
Wires for connecting the bulbs to power
Safety gear such as rubber gloves and goggles

You may need extra high quality garage lighting if you use your garage as a workshop or to do projects. Garages often lack proper lighting and they may usually be dim even during the day when the sun is shining brightly. Proper lighting on the garage can help you avoid accidents that are common in such places. Follow the simple steps below to safely and effectively install more garage lighting yourself.

Step 1 – Determine Location

Evaluate your garage space to determine where additional lighting should be placed. Typically, the best places for installing additional garage lighting fixtures are near the entrance, near the doors and near places where you usually do your work.

Step 2 – Study the Existing Wiring

Know where to connect the wirings of your additional lights. You also need to find out how switches should be connected.

Step 3 – Get Yourself Ready 

Wear gloves, goggles and other safety gear before connecting new lighting to the existing electrical wires. This will help keep you safe from accidents and injuries. The gloves can help you avoid accidental electrical shocks and the goggles can protect your eyes from falling dust during the installation process. 

Step 3 – Measure the Areas Where the Fluorescent Lights Should Be Placed 

Set up a ladder under the places where you are supposed to install the extra lighting fixtures. Climb up to the part of the ceiling where the light fluorescent bulbs should go. Use the long fluorescent light bulbs to measure the spaces needed for the installation. Take care to mark the areas where each end of the fluorescent bulbs should start and end. The marks will help you later when you start drilling.

Step 4 – Drill the Holes

Drill holes where the screws will go to hold up the light bulbs. Make sure that the holes are of sufficient size for the screws to go into afterward. You should also drill holes for where the wires will go if the wires are meant to go inside the ceiling.

Step 5 – Install the Fluorescent Bulbs

Install the fixtures that meant to hold up the fluorescent light bulbs. Usually, these fixtures come with the kit when you buy the bulbs.

Step 6 – Connect the Appropriate Wiring

Connect the wires from the light bulb to the power source. If possible, tie the wires together. This will make the ceiling look neater and less confusing for future repairs. Make sure that no raw wires are showing and touching each other to avoid accidents. Raw or uninsulated wires should be wrapped with electrical tape.