How to Add New Bathroom Paneling How to Add New Bathroom Paneling

What You'll Need
Stud finder
Tape measure
Circular saw
Drill and drill bits
A paint brush

Bathroom paneling can add style and protection from moisture. You can cover a section of the wall, or the entire wall, depending on your budget and the look you want. You can install the panels yourself with right tools and materials. This home improvement project should only take 1 to 2 days to complete.

Step 1 – Measuring the Space

Determine the amount of wall space you want to cover with the paneling. Use your measuring tape to measure the space. Then, add ten percent to the measurements to allow for any cutting errors.

Step 2 – Choosing Your Paneling

Choose the paneling you want to install. The cost of paneling can vary a great deal so be sure to keep your budget in mind when choosing the panels. Visit your local home improvement store and speak with a professional about your plans to install paneling in your bathroom. The paneling should be able to handle the moisture that is produced in a bathroom.

Step 3 – Choosing Your Trim Material

Determine what time of trim you want to install. It is best to use a basic trim for the seams between the panels and a more decorative trim for the ceiling and floor joints.

Step 4 – Securing the Panels

Use your stud finder and your measuring tape to determine the distance between the centers of the studs in your walls. Determine the height for the panels. Use your circular saw to cut your panels to the proper height.

Use your drill and screws to secure one of the panels to one side of a wall stud. Position the side of the panel on the center of the stud. This will allow you to attach two panels to one stud. Be sure to leave a 1/8 inch gap between the panels. Secure each of the panels along the bottom and the top.

Step 5 – Installing the Panel Trim

Install the trim you have chosen along the seams of the panels. Apply a wood adhesive to the back of the trim and secure the pieces into place with a hammer and finishing nails. Install the trim to the top and the bottom of the panels.

Step 6 – Finishing the Paneling

Be sure your bathroom is well ventilated before you begin. Open all of the windows and turn on a fan to circulate the air. Use a paint brush and your stain to finish the wood paneling. Be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the paneling before you begin. Allow the stain to dry completely. If necessary, apply a second coat of stain and allow it to dry thoroughly overnight. Protect your paneling with a clear sealer. Use your paint brush to apply the sealer to the paneling. Allow the sealer to dry completely.

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