How to Add Thin Brick to a Stucco Wall

What You'll Need
Thin brick
Epoxy adhesive
Putty knife
Wire brush

Installing thin brick over stucco can provide you with a look that is very similar to what you could expect if you originally had brick siding. Here are the basics of how to add thin brick to a stucco wall. 

Step 1 - Prepare the Surface

If you have a smooth stucco surface, you will first need to rough it up a bit so the thin brick will adhere to the wall. You can use a wire brush to rough up the surface. If your stucco is already textured, you will not have to worry about this step.

Step 2 - Apply Adhesive

Nexto apply the epoxy adhesive to the back of your thin brick. Once it is on the brick, you may want to spread it out a bit with your putty knife. Make sure that the entire back of the brick is covered with adhesive.

Step 3 - Apply the Brick

Stick the brick in place on the side of the stucco. Use your level to make sure that each piece is straight.

Step 4 - Cutting

When you get to the edge, you will need to make a cut. Use your saw to cut through the brick, and then place the cut piece on the wall.