How to Add Wheels to Your Kitchen Stools

What You'll Need
Medium-grade sandpaper
Drill or screwdriver
Wood glue
Wheels (and screws, if applicable)

Adding wheels to your kitchen stools is straightforward and uncomplicated, and once in place will add comfort and ease to the way your kitchen functions.

Step 1 - Preparation

  • Flip the stool over so the legs are facing up.
  • Use the sandpaper to smooth the bottoms of each leg, and brush away any remaining wood grains.

Step 2 - Wheels

Determine the type of wheels you will be using. If your wheels are attached to a caster and shaft, drill 1 hole the length of the shaft into each leg. If your wheels came with a screw-in plate, place the plate over each leg and drill the corresponding holes.

Step 3 - Assembly

Fill each hole with a small amount of wood glue. If using casters, make sure the shaft fits snugly into the hole and is as far in place as possible. For plates with screws, place the plate on top of the leg first and then use a screwdriver to position into place tightly.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Allow about an hour for the glue to set, then test by placing the stool right-side up and pressing down. If the wheels seem loose, you need to re-tighten with either a screwdriver or more glue. If they are steady, enjoy your new mobility!