How to Adjust a Fuel Injector on Your Go Kart Engine

What You'll Need
Long handles socket wrench
15/16 deep socket or a regular with extension
Flashlight (it may come handy)
5/32 Allen wrench with at least 3 inches of span in each direction

Correct fuel air mixture is important regardless of whether your go kart uses fuel injection or carburetor. The air-fuel mixture can be impacted due to any changes to the intake tract as well as the exhaust system. A fuel injector is an important component of your go kart. If improperly adjusted, the performance of your go kart can decrease. This article will explain how to adjust the fuel injection on your go kart to obtain better performance. It is recommended that you put a pyrometer gauge on before starting any kind of performance upgrades. You should also make sure that the area in which you are working is clean enough, as you will be opening the injector pump and you don’t want any dust to enter the engine.

Step 1 - Loosen Bottom Bolt

By using a ¼-inch socket, take off the top bolt on the cover and then loosen the bottom bolt. Tthe cover will slide but not fall off. There may be a little bit of fuel guzzles in the beginning. Don’t get surprised to see it.

Step 2 - Nut Adjustment

Now by using a mirror, you should be able to see a component with a hole, a cover and an alien nut injector adjustment. You will also be able to see a deeper hole if you look carefully in the left notch of the area that you have just opened up. In the deeper hole you will be able to see an alien nut which can be adjusted. If you are not able to see it, then there may be a possibility that you will need to turn your bell housing until you are able to see a deeper hole and the nut adjustment.

Step 3 - Adjust Bell Housing

In order to adjust/turn your bell housing, you need to put your go kart in neutral but make sure that the brakes are on and the wheels of the go kart are blocked. Grab your deep socket and long ratchet and look under the front of your go kart. You will be able to see something like bell housing, just behind the fan area. There is a center nut inside the bell housing and you need to turn it until the nut on the fuel injector shows up.

Step 4 - Put on Fuel Injector Pump

After you are able to see the alien nut, use the wrench to turn the nut in clockwise direction. A quarter turn is recommended. After doing this, put the cover back on the fuel injector pump. Make sure that the bell housing is still not connected to the ratchet and socket. Clean all the tools and turn on your go kart.

Step 5 - Set to Desired Performance

You may have to perform these steps a couple of times before getting the desired results. Some people may set it to a position where high power is obtained.