How to Adjust a Garage Door Chain Drive

Occasionally your garage door chain drive will need adjusting – it doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the door, but that either the chain has stretched a little or the lock nuts have moved.

What You Will Need
Two open ended spanners to fit the lock nuts. Adjustable spanners can be used as long as they are adjusted tightly – you don’t want to make the lock nuts cylindrical.

It Really Is This Simple
Lower the garage door to take the stress off the chain. If you stand at the door facing the motor you will probably see the threaded rod that adjusts the chain length on the right side of the door.

Loosen the two lock nuts on the threaded rod. You will have to apply a spanner to each and turn them in opposite directions. Once they are loose you should be able to move them about a quarter of an inch apart to prevent them from locking when you twist the rod.

Twist the rod until there is tension on the chain and it will only move outward about an inch or so.

Tighten the two lock nuts again to secure the new chain setting.

Test It
Raise and lower the door a couple of times to make sure it operates smoothly – and you are done.