How to Adjust a Jack Plane

A jack plane is a kind of shaving instrument. The blades are very sharp which provides precision when working on a project. Thus, you have to keep it clean and sharp at all times. Just be careful when using a jack plane because it can cause you serious injuries. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using a jack plane.

Handle a Jack Plane with 2 Hands

Never ever use a jack plane with only one hand. As mentioned above, it can cause serious injuries and can be very dangerous. So make sure that you handle a jack plane with two hands. That's the reason why there are two handles: one at the front and one at the rear.

Know How to Adjust Plane Blade

When working with a jack plane, make sure that you have learned how to adjust the plane blade correctly. It is essential for cutting in various depths. All you have to do to adjust the plane blade is to turn the adjusting nut clockwise. When the blade protrudes to your requirements, you have now adjusted the blades in place. The more protruded the blades are, the deeper it can cut. Again, proceed with caution.

Adjusting Mouth of the Plane

When adjusting the jack plane, you must also make sure that the blade extends evenly from the jack plane's mouth. There is a lateral lever that will allow you to adjust it to the left or to the right as needed.