How to Adjust a Motorcycle Accelerator Cable

Learning how to adjust a motorcycle accelerator cable is actually pretty easy. This work is necessary for your own safety on the road. It also gives you a more comfortable ride, especially when accelerating around corners or if you’re on the highway and need to be able to maneuver at high speeds.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Lubricant

Step 1 – Locate the Cable

Adjusting the accelerator cable of a motorcycle is a similar process for all types of motorcycles. There are few differences between motorcycles although some motorcycles require adjustments on both throttle cables (both push and pull) while with others, it’s sufficient to adjust only the pull throttle cable. On the cable, you’ll find an adjuster with a locknut. A rubber boot sometimes covers the adjuster. 

Step 2 – Release the Cable

If there’s a rubber boot, pull it back about halfway down the cable by pulling down the front of the tube. Loosen the locknut. This is a small nut, which is tightened against the adjuster. The adjuster is the longer nut underneath the boot right up near the cable’s end at the accelerator grip. Now, unscrew the adjuster all the way. Try unscrewing it by hand but if it’s too tight, carefully use an adjustable wrench to release it. Take off the switch cover by unbolting it with a screwdriver. Put the screws aside. 

Step 3 – Lubricate and Re-Assemble

In this step, you’ll be using cable lubricant. This can be easily purchased at any supermarket or motorcycle dealer. Place the tube onto the accelerator pull cable and squeeze a few drops on. You can also lubricate the push front cable with a few drops. Replace the switch cover and screw it back on.

Step 4 – Test Accelerator Cable

Now, make sure that you can rotate the grip for a turn before the cables start to open and move the accelerator down (a little more or less is fine based on your comfort, as long as the rest of the adjustment is correct). Open the accelerator grip fully and check that the accelerator opens all the way, contacting the wide open stop at the end. You can check this by comparing how it feels to move it there manually to how it feels by moving it with the grip connected with the cables. Release the grip and make sure there’s no binding and that the snaps close quickly and easily. Turn the handles to all 3 positions–to the right, left, and straight. In each position, adjust separately until the grip is easy without too much snap. If necessary, play with the adjusters to make sure that this all happens. If the adjusters are too tight, you may not reach one of the stops (idle or wide open) and you may feel an unusual amount of tension at the grip. If it’s too loose, the grip will slide all the way and won’t snap back. Once you're happy with your work, hold the adjuster in place and tighten the small locknut against it to set it in the correct position.