How to Adjust a Single Lever Shower Faucet

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What You'll Need
What You'll Need

In order to fix your shower faucet, you need to first understand that temperature regulation is based on the amount of rotation involved. Most single lever shower faucets allow up to 270 degrees of rotation. When trying to adjust the single lever shower faucet, use a trial and error method to set the maximum heated temperature you desire.

Step 1-Removing the Lever

Remove the lever that’s attached to the faucet with the help of a wrench. Next, look for a plastic nub located on the collar. This nub cuts off rotation when the faucet has been turned to its maximum degree of rotation.

Step 2-Adjusting the Nub

If you adjust this nub by moving it clockwise, you’re reducing the maximum heated temperature because cold water will mix with the hot water to give you less heated water. If the collar doesn’t have a plastic nub, look for a screw that allows you to adjust the temperature. There may be 2 screws, one for hot water and the other for cold water temperature regulation. To increase the maximum hot temperature of your shower, turn the hot water screw counter-clockwise. Alternatively, turn it clockwise to set a lower maximum heated temperature.

Test the water several times to make sure it’s suitable and safe, then replace the lever.