How to Adjust a Vertical Blind Chain

During the life of your vertical blinds, if you find that the blinds are becoming increasingly difficult to function and operate, you can simply adjust the vertical blind chain to solve the problem.

First, remove the end cap from the head rail. This can be accomplished with the use of a flathead screwdriver. The head rail is located at the top of the blinds and is the horizontal piece of metal that all of the blind slats attach themselves to.

Once you have removed the cap from the head rail, locate the pulley that has a metal rod in its center. Once you have found the pulley, tap lightly on the end of the rod to loosen the pulley. In order to loosen the vertical blind chain, find the vane carrier that is located within the head rail. Pull on the vane carrier firmly, and pull the extra cord with your free hand. This will adjust the length of the vertical blind chain. Once you have pulled it to the desired length, tie a knot in the cord. By tying the knot, the length of the cord will stay in the position that you desire.

Then simply replace the end cap and you are ready to go!