How To Adjust An Electric Chain Saw

Learning how to adjust an electric chain saw will help keep it in good running condition. There are a few areas that you need to pay attention to in order to make sure the saw operates safely. Safe operation is extremely important because chain saws are very dangerous machines and if not adjusted properly, can cause the operator harm. Here are some adjustments you need to make to keep your electric chain saw operating efficiently and safely.

Keep the Chain In Line

There are a few aspects about proper chain adjustments to your electric chain saw that need to be considered. The first is the seating. The chain needs to run along the groove of the chain bar and should be checked to make sure it is properly seated. Second is chain tension.

The chain tension is in need of adjustment continuously. A loose chain will fall off causing the chain saw bar to jam. A chain that is too tight will cause the saw to bind up and overheat. Adjust the chain tension wheel turning it clockwise to tighten the chain. Turn it counterclockwise top loosen it. Chains will continue to stretch during its lifetime, so you will need to make continuous adjustments especially if the saw is brand new. It is a good tip to soak a new chain in SAE 30 weight oil overnight before its first use. Check the tension periodically during the first hour of a new saw operation when the chain is getting broken in. Recommended distance for a cold chain to hang from the chain bar is 1/32 near the center. A warm chain needs to be adjusted to an 1/8 of an inch since it will expand with the change in temperature.

Wood Dust or Gouging

If the chain saw produces either dust or gouged wood chips, you need to adjust the sharpening of the chain. Follow the owner’s guide for the recommended round file to use as well as a file guide to ensure you obtain the correct angle while making your sharpening adjustments.

Safety Chain

You may wish to adjust to a new safety chain that is indicated by a blue label. These new safety chains provide for a lower “kickback” occurrence when operating the device. Kickback occurs when the chain meets an object that cannot be cut such as a nail, rock or something else where the saw chain “kickback” at the operator. Adjusting to using a chain that reduces kickbacks can make for safer operations.

Blade Oil Reservoir Adjustment

Safe chain saw operation calls for a correctly lubricate chain. Make sure that the oil reservoir is operating correctly by holding the saw against a light colored background. Open the throttle up to see if lubricant discharges properly across the chain bar. If not, check the oil level and adjust if necessary. You may also need to check to see if the oil dispensing holes along the chain bar edge are not clogged as well.

Make sure to check to see if you need to adjust the prongs on your electric cord to make a proper connection.