How to Adjust Boat Propeller Pitch and Diameter

a boat on the water

The accurate boat propeller pitch significantly depends on the size, weight and type of the boat, as well as the engine’s horsepower. Take note that adjusting the pitch and diameter of your boat propeller is important for its speed and performance on the water. If you are searching for a high speed boat in clear water, the propeller’s pitch will be diverse, rather than if you are merely fishing along brushy waters. Here are guides on how to adjust the boat propeller’s pitch and diameter accurately.

Adjusting the Boat Propeller Pitch

A boat propeller includes a core formed by the first cylindrical member along with the second cylindrical member joined together. Also, a boat propeller comprises blades plurality equal to the number of the insertion cavities. Every blade comprises an adjustment member and a blade piece part. The positioning member connected with the adjustment member is carefully matched with the receptacle members intended for adjusting the boat propeller’s blades pitch. Adjust the pitch so that ultimate full-throttle revolution per minute matches the way you use your boat.

Adjusting the Boat Propeller Diameter

Look for the manufacturer’s recommendation for appropriate diameter for your boat’s engine. Consider the manual because the design of the boat may affect the preference of propeller, just like the engine's horsepower. For instance, the boat’s manual recommends the 15 to 18 inch diameter propeller, and the engine’s manual recommends the 17 to 20 inch propeller, you should begin with the 17 to 18 inch propeller. Perform the same regarding the pitch. If one suggests the 17 to 22 inch pitch while the other the 20 to 24 inch pitch, you can then begin with the 20 to 22 inch pitch.