How to Adjust Boat Trailer Rollers

A boat trailer.
What You'll Need
Three helpers
Four foot spirit level
Adjustable wrench

A boat and its trailer rest on boat trailer rollers or bunks when idle, as they provide support to keep the boat in its position while traveling. It is important to ensure that the boat is working under our control, hence the rollers must be adjusted timely to the strongest part of the boat's hull.

Step 1 - Evaluate

Keep a 4-foot spirit level above the boat's casement where the outboard motor is placed. With the help of two assistants hold the boat steadily balancing on its keel. Let the helpers watch the level during adjustment and inform you if the boat begins to lean onto one side of the trailer.

Step 2 - Dismantle

Carefully remove the nuts holding the bunks and rollers except for the rollers or bunks underneath the keel so the bunk or roller move away from the hull. Make use of the adjustable wrench in this process.

Step 3 - Position the Bunks

Slowly lift the outermost bunk or roller from the left side to the hull and place it carefully against the hull in an unbreakable location. Let one of your helpers hold the bunk in position until you fix the bolts that hold the roller or bunk appropriately. Perform the same process once again on the right side for all the remaining bunks or rollers except the one at the keel.

Step 4 - Test

Check the spirit level to ensure that the boat is correctly placed on the trailer. Also, ensure that the bolts are fixed tightly.